tisdagen den 27:e oktober 2009


One more thing to the baby accessories collection, will come in a lot of colours.

fredagen den 23:e oktober 2009

Grytlappar 3

Some more nice pot-holders.

onsdagen den 21:e oktober 2009

Kids accessories

I´m working on an accesories collection for kids. More to come... : )

tisdagen den 20:e oktober 2009

Beautiful furnitures

Theese furnitures are so beautiful! Designed by Bokja, handmade from antique pieces revamped with 1960s and 70s textiles.

måndagen den 19:e oktober 2009

Dogtooth pattern

Dogtooth pattern from Alexander McQueen, in Erica Laurell Organic yarn and a pattern for you to make it youreslf : )

lördagen den 17:e oktober 2009


Today I found this nice scarf at a secondhand store.

fredagen den 16:e oktober 2009


I think women in hats are so beautiful and would like to wear it more often.

torsdagen den 15:e oktober 2009

Grytlappar 2

And here are some pot-holders from my book, "Väldigt Virkat".

Grytlappar 1

Theese pot-holders were in all Swedish homes in the 70ies, now you can find them very cheap at every secondhandstore. Sometimes I can´t resist to bring some charming ones with me home.

onsdagen den 14:e oktober 2009

Nice drawing

I just wanted to show this nice drawing from my fiance, Kristofer Hedberg. I love the colours of the drops!

tisdagen den 13:e oktober 2009


Today I had a crochet workshop at Bergianska trädgården for such a nice group of japanese women. I´m already looking forward to next time : )

söndagen den 11:e oktober 2009


Lot of nice yarn colours from the Marta Måås Fjetterström exhibition at Liljevalchs. I would like to have this kind of storage for all my yarns.

lördagen den 10:e oktober 2009

More books

Today I bought some more books about handcraft at a secondhand store just next door to us. I´m starting to get more and more interesting in embroidery, it´s to bad it take such a long time to make all beatuful things I want to do. One of the book is a book with childrens embroidery, it´s fantastic! I also bought this rabbit fabric to my sons room.

torsdagen den 8:e oktober 2009

New patterns

Some new patterns for my Organic Yarn.

onsdagen den 7:e oktober 2009


I just can´t get enough of nice patterns and Missoni and Marimekko are always making so wonderful designs. Theese pictures are from shops in town.

tisdagen den 6:e oktober 2009


I´m looking for nice crochet structures for my next collection and one of the best inspirations are theese kind of old knitting and crochet books.

måndagen den 5:e oktober 2009


I´m very into dots for the moment. I just love it! Here are one "dot pattern" if you want to make it yourself : )

söndagen den 4:e oktober 2009


One of my latest project for my Organic Yarn is this plaid in the old traditional pattern (mormorsrutor). I love that it´s so colourful : )