torsdag 29 april 2010

Owen mitten

I´ve just finished this owen mitten for our little summerhouse which will be ready to live in this summer! : ) The pattern is from my book "Väldigt Virkat".

tisdag 27 april 2010

Crochet toys

I really love making toys for Jack and here is one I made almost one year ago when he was just a little baby. Also I made one more kit with some toys.

onsdag 21 april 2010

tisdag 20 april 2010

Our crochet ball

A very tired Jack is resting at his crochet ball in his tent. My mother made this ball for my sister in the seventies and then I got it and after that my sister´s kids and now it´s Jack´s... It´s not as round as it used to be but we love it anyway : )

söndag 18 april 2010

Erica Laurell Kids

As I told you before this autumn will be premiere for Erica Laurell Kids. Here is the imagepicture taken by fantastic photographer Jenny Brandt.

fredag 16 april 2010

Miniature furniture

I´ve got the miniature Josef Frank cushion that I bought at Tradera today and I love it in my miniature Arne Jacobsen sofa. The carpet is crochet, of course... : )

måndag 12 april 2010

Napkin rings

My mother have made this wonderful napkin rings for me (in Erica Laurell Organic yarn of course). My mother really is the best! She's also crocheting a lot and has always been a big inspiration for me : ) The napkin rings looks as two crowns, one for the prince and one for the princess... : )

lördag 10 april 2010

Crochet dog

A crochet dog together with some of this week's second hand findings for Jack.

torsdag 8 april 2010

Summer workshops

I´m planning for some summer workshops in Bergianska Trädgården. There will be workshops both for youth and adults. If there´s any special requests please leave a comment and let me know.

Photo: Simon Fagéus

tisdag 6 april 2010

Evening tea

I´ve made these coasters inspired form theese nice bowls from Cuiora.

söndag 4 april 2010

Spring news in my webshop

My latest pattern booklet is now available in my webshop and since I got so many request for the "pastries kit" from Syfestivalen I will have it at my webshop. I´ve also made a kit with a hairband that I really like. : )