lördag 30 januari 2010

Knitted bonnet

A knitted bonnet from my Mönsterhäfte #1 Baby. The bonnet and the gloves will soon come as a "knit kit" at Ecoloco.

tisdag 26 januari 2010

Crochet bag

Look at this nice crochet bag! : )

lördag 23 januari 2010

Saturday candy

The Swedish chocolate ball is one of my favourite candies.


Virknål: Nr 3,5
Garn: Brunt och vitt Erica Laurell Organic Yarn "Ingrid"
Material: Stoppningsvadd

Chokladbollen virkas i två delar som sys ihop.
Lägg upp 4 lm och slut till en ring med 1 sm.
Varv 1: Virka 1 lm, 7 fm om ringen. Vänd alla varv med 1 lm.
Varv 2: Virka 2 fm i varje m.
Varv 3: Virka 1 fm i varje m.
Varv 4: Virka *1 fm, 2 fm i nästa m, upprepa från*.
Varv 5: Virka 1 fm i varje m. Fäst garnet.
Virka en likadan halva.

Sy pärlsockerprickar med vitt garn över halvorna.
Sy sedan ihop halvorna med brunt garn, lämna ett litet hål, stoppa bollen med vadd och sy ihop det sista. Fäst garnet.

torsdag 21 januari 2010

Crochet dolls at Formex

Today I visited Formex at Stockholmsmässan and saw theese nice crochet dolls from Sebra.

måndag 18 januari 2010

Carrot cake

One more to my pastries collection... : )

fredag 15 januari 2010

Crochet cars

Crochet cars from my book "Väldigt Virkat" and "Mönster häfte 1 Baby".

tisdag 12 januari 2010


Here is a small preview of my next collection, the photographer is Per Kristiansen.

måndag 11 januari 2010

Afternoon tea

It´s always nice with an afternoon tea with a friend!

söndag 10 januari 2010


Since he´s my biggest inspiration I want to show some illustration that my fiance, Kristofer Hedberg has made for the Swedish band Make Outs.

fredag 8 januari 2010

Pastries #1

I will be holding workshops at Syfestivalen in Stockholm the 19-21 February about crochet pastries. My biggest inspirations for this baking theme are theese books with a lot of beautiful cookies. So for the moment there will be some pastries at this blog. I will try to write one or two patterns for you aswell.. : )

torsdag 7 januari 2010

Happy birthday grandmothers!

Today is the birthday of both my grandmother and Jack's grandmother! We made you some crochet pastries that we hope you like! : ) So to our dear grandmothers, Anna and Margaretha, happy birthday! Love from Erica and Jack.

söndag 3 januari 2010

My shorts in Dutch Elle

My crochet shorts is in the January issue of Dutch Elle : )

fredag 1 januari 2010

The winners are...

Yesterday our son Jack picked 2 winners in my christmas competition. The winners are comments 36 and 51, Christina and Beata, congratulations! Please send me an e- mail with your adresses and which colours at the yarns you want to have to info(at)ericalaurell.se.